The A.S.A.P. product has several fully customizeable modules. These include a Rules Engine, a Reports Module, a Messaging Module and a HIPAA compliance module.

Rules Engine

  • Customizable engine to determine your specific needs as to on-call schedules, time off, premium case assignments, availability
  • Easier to train new hires as all assignment rules do not have to be learned.

Reporting Module

  • Embedded reporting features allows for the quick reporting on virtually any field for any value.
  • Allows for multi-table queries for advanced heuristic models
  • Stores an unlimited number of canned reports


  • Web accessible messaging between schedulers, administrators and even physicians.
  • Instant messaging as well as queued messaging for efficient operations of day-to-day procedures.

HIPAA Compliance Module

  • Patient data stored and archived in a regulatory compliant manner.
  • Authentication conforms to federally mandated regulations.
  • Integration with billing software using HIPAA compliant methodologies.

In addition, there are several other modules as identified by the "stack" below.

Caudceux Module Stack
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