The A.S.A.P. system is built upon a multi-tiered architecture encompassing run-time libraries in the form of .dll files, Active Server Pages, Dynamic HTML protocols, Static HTML protocols, session variables, and the new .net technology from Microsoft. The platform is based on a distributed network architecture utilizing a central hosted server.

A.S.A.P. uses a web based interface for initiation of all types of transactions, including the remote procedure calls communication, threading and security. The runtime system is composed of the following components, which manage applications and control of the runtime system itself.

The A.S.A.P system enables enterprise deployment of a server-centric, web-based front end. In addition, it incorporates an intuitive user environment along with a set of tightly integrated corporate communication tools for scheduling management, instant messaging, professional messaging, deployment plans, fax integration with auto delivery and many other features.

The system is centrally installed, configured and managed, which significantly reduces client administration costs and streamlines software distribution and upgrade management. Central management of user profiles as well as group settings allows customers to easily customize and extend the environment for individual users' needs.

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