While Caduceux feels it has the best anesthesia scheduling system on the marke, it realizes that our customers need to set themselves aside from competition in their respective markets. With this in mind, Caducuex has an internal professional services organization that allows for the rapid customization of the A.S.A.P. product. The Caduceux professional services organization is comprised of two main groups: Business Development and Business Fulfillment. This overview explains the functions of these two groups and describes the process flow of a typical Professional Services request.

Business Development

The Business Development staff is responsible for all customer service requests, from the time the request is received until the delivery of services is completed. The Business Development group is comprised of Engagement and Project Managers. Engagement Managers work with customers to understand and clarify the request to ensure the customer's needs are fully satisfied. Project Managers work with customers and Fulfillment Consultants to ensure the timelines and project deliverables are satisfied. The following is a summary of the Business Development responsibilities:

  • Assess incoming requests for Professional Services
  • Work with the customer to clarify the request and translate the information into technical and business deliverables
  • Determine the scope and cost of the request
  • Develop Estimate proposals or Statement of Work contracts
  • Ensure that the final Statement of Work contract accurately reflects the Customer's needs
  • Manage customer projects from kick-off to completion

Business Fulfillment

The Business Fulfillment staff is responsible for scheduling and delivering the work customers have requested. The Business Fulfillment group is comprised of Resource Managers and Consultants that are thoroughly trained in the use of the A.S.A.P. product to solve scheduling problems. The following is a summary of the Business Fulfillment responsibilities:

  • Review Statement of Work contracts and assign suitable project resources
  • Develop and implement custom solutions
  • Implement the A.S.A.P. software customizations

Process Flow

Professional Services requests are submitted by contacting their Caudceux Sales Representative. Once the request has been submitted, it is assigned a unique project identifier and entered into a project-tracking database. This process ensures that all requests are accurately tracked and monitored throughout the life of the request.

A Project Manager is assigned the request and contacts the customer. This initial contact is to acknowledge the request, define the process, communicate expectations and gather additional information about the customer's requirements. Based on the information gathered, the Project Manager will develop an Estimate proposal or Statement of Work contract that provides the customer with project cost and deliverables.

The Project Manager will continue to work with the customer on the Statement of Work deliverables until the customer is satisfied that the defined deliverables meet their needs. When the customer is satisfied with the project deliverables, the customer signs the Statement of Work contract and sends it to the Project Manager along with a purchase order for the services, if the services have not yet been purchased.

Once the signed Statement of Work contract and appropriate purchase order are received, the project is transitioned to the Business Fulfillment group. A Resource Manager contacts the customer to review the Statement of Work and schedule a date for the delivery of the services.

Throughout the project, the Resource Manager, Project Manager, and Consultant work together to ensure that the Statement of Work deliverables are completed and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the work performed.

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